Cyrene - Has Been Sold

Apr 6, 2017, my Boat and Boathouse has been Sold and Delivered.

Fair Weather my Cyrene

For Sale - 1992, 3888 Bayliner

For Sale – By Owner
My Boat Named "Cyrene"
1992 – 38' 3888 Bayliner worth $75,000.00

I am getting too OLD
and Boating is a Young Mans game, so it must go . . .

My Boat and Boathouse are being 
Sold as a Package deal, for $165,000.00

The Boat and Boathouse could be purchased separately,
 but the Boat must be sold first.

All serious offers will be considered.

"Both are Being Sold: As-is, Where-is"

Everett, Wa - Shown By Appointment

Cyrene's complete online Blog can be seen at:

Some lucky person is going to own this very nice Classic 38' Boat, with its protective Boathouse, located at the Everett Marina in Central Puget Sound.
Cyrene - 3888 Bayliner at Sucia Island State Park
The Everett Marina is within an a short afternoon cruise to many local destinations, like; Seattle, Blake Island, Port Orchard, Friday Harbor, and the San Juan Islands. Or, easy access to local favorite; fishing, crabbing, and shrimping hole.

A longer cruises will provide easy access to the Canadian Harbors at; Sidney, Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Vancouver BC, Nanaimo, and the Magical Desolation Sound !

This 1992 – 38' 3888 Bayliner, has two Turbo-Charged 210HP Hino Engines, 630 Hurth Transmissions, Dual 20D” x 23P" Props, which will demonstrate 19 (plus) Knots at 3200 RPMs WOT, and then normal cruise at 12 Knots at 2200 RPMs,  This boat comes with many upgrades (see below).

As a package deal, the Boat and Boathouse can be yours, I am asking $165,000.00. Separately, the Boat would be $75K, and the Boathouse would be $105K (a $15K package savings, both must be sold).

This is a classic style boat with Good Style, Creature Comfort, and Cruise Performance. There is just enough outside Teak to make the boat look interesting, yet, without a lot of teak that requires continuous maintenance.

Like most typical, 1992 - 3888 Bayliner, This boat provides the following:
    Master V-Berth State Room
  • A Large Master Island V-Berth State Room, with Private Head, Closet, and Shared Bath/Shower.
  • A Second State Room, Closet, with Shared Head and Shared Bath/Shower.
    Second State Room
  • Galley with Stainless Steel Microwave Oven, Three Burner Electric Range with Oven, Dual Stainless Steel Sinks, and Refrigerator/Freezer.
  • Salon with Wrap around Seating and Windows, Ice Maker, Wet Bar with Blinder, and AM/FM/CD Stereo Entertainment Center.

With Full Outside View
Wet Bar and
Entertainment Center
  • Large easy to access Engine Room for the Dual 210 Hino Engines (~ 1350 Hrs TT each), and an 8KW Dual Circuit 120V AC Generator (~ 500 Hrs TT).
Starboard Engine
(access via Salon Floor Hatch)
Port Engine
  • Dual 150 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tanks, 300 Gallons Total.
  • 80 Gallon Fresh Water Tank.
  • Black Water Holding Tank.
Creature Comfort

Upgrades Include:

State Rooms, Upgrades:
  • New Toilet Pumps with Locking Flow Control.
  • Some LED Lighting.
Galley, Upgrades:
  • Updated Stainless Steel Microwave Oven with Rotary Platter.
  • All Stainless Steel Electric 11 Gallon Hot Water Heater,
  • Two Additional Fire Extinguisher.
Helm and Fly Bridge, Upgrades:
  • Auto Pilot with Flux Gate and Hand Held Remote - ST6000+, ST600R.
  • GPS / Plotter - Garmin GPSMAP 225.
  • Bottom and Fishing Fathometer - Furuno - FCV 582L.
  • Forward and Down Scanning Fathometer - Interphase Twin Scope.
  • Radar on Custom Tower With Nav Light - Raytheon R20X.
  • Marine Radio with Intercom - Harizon Spectrum.
  • AM/FM Radio.

Helm - Open Water Cruising
Helm (at Dusk)

EngineRoom, Upgrades:
  • Dual 2KW Inverters/Battery Chargers (Heart Interface) with Dual Smart Remote Controls (Heart Interface - Link 2000R), additional separate DC Control Switches, one Inverter/Charger for each of the two Main AC Breaker Circuit (Line 1, Line 2).
  • Westerbeke 8KW Generator, with New Generator Section.
Rebuilt Westerbeke 8KW Generator
  • Five AGM Battery Banks, with two Additional Control Switches (note: if kept properly charged, AGM's require little-to-no maintenance):
    1. House Battery = 3 Paralleled AGMs at 225Amp/H Total.
    2. House Aux Battery = 3 Paralleled AGMs at 225Amp/H Total.
    3. Engine Start Battery = 1 AGM at 75Amp/H Total.
    4. Aux Start Battery = 2 AGMs at 150Amp/H Total.
    5. Generator Start Battery = 1 AGM at 75Amp/H Total.
3 of  the 4, AGM Battery Banks
Start, Aux Start, and House Battery Banks
  • Automatic Multi-bank Battery Charge Combiners.
  • Halon Engine Room Fire Extinguisher with Remote Arming.
  • All Stainless Steel Engine Exhaust Port (5") Risers. (Note: All factory cast iron parts have been removed from the Sea Water path through the engine - No more rust!).
Stainless Steel Risers
  • Vacuum Gauges Installed on Engine Fuel Filters (which will indicate when filters need to be serviced).
  • Updated Dual Bilge Exhaust Fans.
Bilge Exhaust Fans
  • A additional Automatic Cycle Bilge Pump.
  • Central Oil-Change Pump connected to both Engines and Generator (Note: two reservoirs not connected nor installed).
  • Replaced Factory Torque Plates (springs rattles) with, Neoprene Torque Plates (smooth and quite).
  • Dripless Shaft Seals.
Extras / Upgrades:
  • LED Lighting.
  • Back Deck Hardtop with Upper Life Rail.
  • Flybridge, Full Sunbrella and Isinglass Enclosure.
  • Transom Mounted 9' Livingston Dingy with Johnson 3.0HP Motor.
  • Dual Forward Deck-Rail Mounted Fender Racks with Four Black Fenders.
  • Main Danforth Anchor with 300' of Chain.
  • Second Danforth Anchor with Rope Line.
  • Salt Water Wash Down Pump, with Aft and Forward Bibs.
  • Flairs and Signaling Set.
  • Prop Removal Tool.
  • Extra Floats and Fenders.
  • Forward Handling Lines.
  • New Bottom Paint (2014); One coat of Epoxy, two coats of Black Shark-Skin Bottom Paint.
  • Multiple Large Transom and Trim-Tab Zincs.
  • Dock Side 30 Amp Power Cord and Splitter.

The Boathouse:

In the Pacific Northwest, a boathouse is a very desirable feature, it will protect your boating investment. Cyrene has been stored within this boathouse for all but the first few years of its existence, typical weathering, and Fiberglas surface oxide has been greatly minimized. Shade inside the boathouse minimizes bottom marine growth. For a distant owner, a boathouse is a must.

A boathouse allows your boat to always be; ReadyClean, and Staged, for your next adventure.

Just open the Boathouse Door; disconnect two Static Electrical Connections, release two Static Mooring Lines, and your adventure begins.
  • The Boathouse is 50' x 20' with Loft, Work Bench, Storage Space, and Shelves.
  • The internal boat slip is 14' x 46', Cyrene fits very nicely within the slip.
  • Harbor-side access is via a Remote Controlled Roll-Up Garage Style Door.
  • Fixed in Placed Static Boat Power Cords.
  • Fixed in Placed Static Boat Mooring Lines.
  • Water is provided, Electricity is metered and charged for by usage, fees collected with the Boathouse Moorage Fee, by the Port of Everett.
Cyrene Inside the Boathouse
The Boathouse in Everett Marina

  • Helm, factory installed Second Com Radio not working, 
  • Helm, factory installed 2 inch dash mounted fathometer not working.
  • Tilt on Spot Light not working.
  • Starboard Engine was rebuilt after ingestion of Water Spray from failed water line, rebuild shop can be contacted.
  • A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate all of the details.


Look at other 3888 Bayliners first, . . . then check this one out, and compare !

Someone is going to own this very Nice Boat and Boathouse, . . .   Make it Yours !

Any Reasonable Offer Will Be Considered
Please Contact:


San Juan Islands

Here are some photos of 2013 and 2014 San Juan Trips

Tess and I on a San Juan Trip

I had planned to spend 30 Days in the Puget Sound San Juan Islands, or at least that is what I put on my long-term parking permit at the dock.

But after 10 days of enjoyment, my Potable Water Pressure Switch failed. Checking with the several local Marine stores, provide nothing. The only replacement switch was five hours away, back at Everett. After two more days, without a shower, I was ready to head home.

Until the switch failure, Tess (my Dog) and I were enjoying the trip. Well, . . at least Tess is "liking" the boat more each day. On the way up, Tess was my Radar Man, or at least she looked the part. Can you determine our location by the Radar image?

My Radarman - Tess

We spent several days at Hope Island;

The first day was calm, but the night was Rain, Local Thunder and Lighting, Tess does not like loud noises.

The next day was nice and clear/calm, Tess enjoyed several romps with another dog (named Echo) on the beach. That evening, the Sunset in a light fog provided a great show.

Sunset in Light Fog at Hope Island

That night, the Sky cleared and the water was so mirror-flat that the Sky and Stars appeared as though they were wrapped around us, above and below the boat. Also, below the "sea fluorescents" flashed to join the wondrous spectacle. I tried to take photos but nothing turned out.

By this time, I think Tess is starting to enjoying the boat, or at lease she really like the dingy ride and the beach adventures. I have had her since she was a puppy, but I did not go boating when she was young, she is six now.

The next day, we were fogged-in nothing was moving. The entrance to Deception Pass was obscured. The camera's UV filter makes the fog appear less dense.

So Much Fog, . . . it was almost Difficult to Hear

We waited until later that day, to leave our Hope Island paradise with mirror-flat water.

Leaving Hope Island

By mid day, Deception Pass fog had cleared. With Radar, multiple GPSs, I enjoy motoring in fog, but in this case with our time schedule, there was no need.

Four hours later, we were at the docks at Sucia (we go slow).

Cyrene Dockside at Sucia
Sucia Is a Wondrous Place

It was about the forth day as Sucia, the water pump switched failed. I knew our time around the islands was going to be limited. We spent the next day or so going home to Everett.

We meet many interesting People and Dogs on our trip.

Back at Everett, the pump switch has now been replaced, and I am already planning the next trip North.


Night Ops

Weekend before last, I went out for as Sunset and Night curse. I always enjoyed night operation, it reminds me of my Navy days of standing watch in CIC (Combat Information Center).

Behind, the Sunset was shining on Hat Island, I was cursing to Sandy Point, West of Everett.

There was enough moisture in the air to create a nice Large Rainbow !!

A few minutes later, the Sun set.

It was full dark with no moon, at 10:00pm when I got back to Everett. Night is a Magic Time on the water.


Stainless Steel Risers and Adapter Installed

The connections to the New Stainless Steel Risers were manufactured and finally installed.

The new risers have been installed for a while, and have been in used, but they were connected with a make-shift looping connecting hose.

Now all Cast Iron parts have been removed from the RAW Cooling Water path - No more RUST !!

The new installation Looks and Works Great !!


New Bottom Paint for Cyrene

Cyrene gets new bottom paint. The Hull looks good with no blisters.

Stripping Down to Gelcoat

One Coat of Epoxy, and Two Coats of Bottom Paint